CFE Plus / CFE Plus WiFi / CFE Ultra, Driver installation

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The CFE Plus and CFE Plus WiFi are supplied with a configuration cable to update it's internal firmware and settings.
This cable contains a computer-chip to transfer Firmware- and Configuration data to the CFE Plus or CFE Plus WiFi / CFE ultra from the Windows Configuration application (CFE updater).

In most Windows 8- and 10 installations this driver is readily available in the standard Windows driver base, so that after connection of the CFE Plus or CFE Plus WiFi to a Windows 8 or 10 PC the configuration software will be able to communicate with the CFE Plus or CFE Ultra without further intervention.

We have learned, however, that the driver appears not to be available in some cases, or it being very 'outdated' (not updated automatically with Windows update) or 'cleaned' from the Windows installation, therefore requiring a new driver installation.

(Re-) install the correct and up-to-date driver to your Windows 8 or 10 PC.

The CFE cable presents it selves as a "Port (Com & LPT)" in the device manager of your PC.

The port is called "Silicon Labs Cp210X USB to UART Bridge".

When you find the Configuration cable as a "Port" in the Windows device manager with an exclamation point or if the CFE Plus configuration tool does not find the CFE Plus or CFE-Plus WiFi, the driver will have to be installed manually.

This driver particularly is suitable for all windows 8 and 10 installations.


The CFE Classic (not the CFE Plus, not the CFE Plus WiFi) uses a with-the-application-supplied driver.
Since the configuration cable is different than the cable from the CFE Plus / CFE Plus WiFi, that configuration cable (and therefore: the driver) is not suitable for use with the CFE Plus / CFE Plus WiFi!

Both the Configuration Software and the driver for the configuration cable are known to work under Windows 7 and virtual PC solutions running on an Apple/Mac but are formally not supported!
(And might require different ways of application and driver installation!)

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